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Earth Labs is proud to offer InHarmony Sound Lounge technology!

What is InHarmony Sound Lounge?

Vibroacoustic sound lounge technology generates a soothing three-dimensional motion delivered to your body through the use of combination of audio transducers, headphones and/or ambient speakers. The technology delivers non-invasive massage-like mechanical stimulation through audio frequency which relaxes the body and soothes the mind. This allows your body to find a relaxed state of being through a natural form of sound. Many of us are looking for a safe way to relax, to escape or balance out our day.

What is Vibroacoustic Therapy?

Vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) is a safe, drug-free, non-invasive approach to reducing pain and anxiety and improving quality of life. Whether you are suffering from work overload or are dealing with a serious medical condition, vibroacoustic therapy is a powerful modality that will help you relax and allow healing to take place.

Vibroacoustic therapy uses sound to produce vibrations that are applied directly to the body. During the vibroacoustic therapy process, a client lies on the specially designed mat or bed or sits in a chair that is embedded with speakers or transducers which transmit sound into vibrations that travel through the body in a soothing, healing motion that we liken to an "internal massage". 

How Does it Work?

 Vibroacoustic therapy is based on the principle that life is vibration. Matter, including the human body, vibrates all the time, at various frequencies. Sound and music also vary in frequency. Therefore, when the various frequencies of sound and/or music are converted to vibration which is introduced to the human body, it can be utilized to bring the body into a state of healthy resonance.

Because our bodies are composed mainly of water – approximately 70% for an older person and about 90% for a newborn baby, all of this water is set into motion when the body is exposed to these sound vibrations. As this water is moved by the vibration, its molecules are reacting and communicating with each other. As this communication occurs, harmony and a healthy resonance are restored in the body.

The Vibroacoustic Experience

If you suffer from acute pain from an injury, chronic pain, neurological issues, have suffered a stroke, are showing any signs of dementia or Alzheimer's or are dealing with progressive diseases like Parkinson’s Disease or COPD, vibroacoustic therapy can help.

This non-invasive, energy-based alternative health approach to wellness has been used for over 40 years to successfully treat patients who have suffered strokes, are dealing with the pain and stress of cancer treatments, have neurological issues or who are recovering from surgeries including knee and hip replacements.

You can go to a trained therapist for a serious medical condition, or purchase a vibroacoustic system for your own use at home or work. Either way, you will benefit from the power of vibroacoustics.

Vibroacoustic therapy can be used in conjunction with any other therapy, whether it is Western allopathic medicine or alternative therapies. 


Vibroacoustic Therapy is an amazing treatment for many chronic conditions

as well as injuries.  The list below is far from exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of the many ways this modality can help.

What can be treated with VAT?

· Neck, Shoulder and Back pains & Backache

· Stomach pains/colic

· Symptoms of autoimmune diseases like MS

· Constipation, Irregular Bowel Syndrome

· Arthritis including RA

· Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's

· Stroke

· Impaired blood circulation

· Insomnia

· Sport injuries

· Stress

· Menstrual pains –

· Pre-menstrual tension (PMT)

· Headache, Migraine

· Fibromyalgia/Fibrositis

· Kidney stones

· Post-operative conditions including knee and hip replacements

· Autism

· Rett Syndrome

... and many more


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